How to …..

This page includes ”how to” pages to help keep you connected and provide some guides to common modern technologies. Let us know what else you would like added to this list.  Just email or use the Contact option from the Menu.

How to Listen to Podcasts :  A Podcast is an audio program such as an interview, a documentary, book reading, or current affairs item you can listen to on demand.

How to Listen to ABC Radio and Podcasts Online:  Many ABC radio programs are available for listening to on demand on your phone, tablet or computer.  

How to View Connect With Friends and Family Using WhatsApp: WhatsApp is a phone app that allows you to text, phone, or video call one or more people using wifi or phone data.  It is great when travelling overseas if you use wifi you are not making expensive phone calls. You can also send photos and videos.

How to Respond to an Invitation to Join a Zoom Meeting:  Zoom is a video conferencing tool used for video chats, lessons, talks, and meetings.

How to use Borrowbox : You can read and listen to eBooks and eAudiobooks via the app on your smartphone, tablet or iPad.  You need your library card with number and password.